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Our Services

Berman Capital provides its clients with a full range of investment banking advisory services:

Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions Representation (including Divestitures & Recapitalizations) 
Berman Capital has 50 years experience representing sellers. We utilize our wide network of strategic and private equity buyers, industry specific knowledge and aggressive "Quiet Marketing" process to bring our clients the greatest valuation and cultural fit.

Berman Capital has know-how with a wide range of sellers, having represented family and founder-owned companies, public companies wishing to go private, shareholders aiming to recapitalize and corporations looking to divest a division or business unit.

Private Equity & Corporate Buy-Side Advisory Services
Berman Capital’s buy-side services ensure that our Private Equity clients receive quality “deal flow” and are proactively represented in this competitive market. Our proprietary process ensures their ultimate goal of being introduced to unique targets that closely meet all key acquisition criteria, thereby eliminating costly and distracting false starts.

We enable our buy-side client to acquire the right company, on the right terms, at the right time. Our cost-, time-, and people-efficient buy-side services are valuable resources for target identification activities by private equity firms and buyout organizations

Management Buyouts
Berman Capital has experience in assisting operating management in finding the best equity and debt partners.

Private Debt Financing
We assist our clients in securing senior and subordinated debt from our nationwide network of proven institutional lenders.

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